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BTMC Discord Bot

# What Does BTMC Have?

# ðŸŽĩ Music ðŸŽĩ

**BTMC's Music Is Crisp** The Music Plays At ``256``**KBPS** At All Times, For Premium Users Music Plays At ``384``**KBPS**.
Some Of Our Music Commands Include ``BassBoost`` That Lets You Boost Your Audio From **Low** To **Medium** To **High**,
Then We Have General Music Commands That Every Bot Has **Play, Skip, Pause**

# ðŸĪŠ Fun ðŸĪŠ

**BTMC's Fun Commands Are Awesome** Our Fun Commands Include Stuff Like ``TrumpTweet``That Lets You Tweet A Message From Trumps Account.
Some Other Fun Commands Include ``Weather`` That Lets You Check The Weather Near You And ``Ascii`` That Lets You Talk In Funky Letters.
We Also Have Commands That You Can Have A Laugh With Your Friends Like ``PP`` That Tells You How Big Or Small Your PP Is.

# 🔐 Moderation 🔐

**BTMC Has General Moderation Commands** BTMC's Moderation Commands Are Just Like Any Other Bot! Nothing special Here.
But Our Commands Include ``Kick``, ``Ban``, ``Unban``, ``Slowmode`` And Much More.
One Of Our Funky Moderation Commands Is ``Sudo`` That Lets You Sudo A User Into Saying Something. (Must Have Perms To Manage Webhooks)

# 😀 Expressions 😀

**BTMC's Expression Commands Are Really Funky** BTMC's Expression Commands Let You Have A Fun Time And A Laugh With Your Friends!
Our Expression Commands Include ``Cuddle`` That Gets A Random Cuddle Image From **/R/Cuddle** And Cuddles The Person U @tted With That Image
We Also Have Stuff Like ``Feed`` That Gets A Random Image From **/R/Feeding** And Feeds You With That Image (Note:(None Of These Images Are NSFW))

# ðŸĪ– Info ðŸĪ–

**BTMC's Info Commands Are Nothing Special** Our Info Commands Have Simple Info About The Bot Including ``Stats`` That Shows You Every Bit Of Info About BTMC
Then We Have Commands Like ``Bug`` That Lets You Report A Bug About BTMC And Things Like ``Vote`` That Shows You All The Sites To Vote On