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  • Prefix: s!
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  • Category: Music
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Simp Bot
A bot that is a simp

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Simp bot has many commands, in the following modules:
image manipulation

Here are some of the commands and what they do:
s!tts - Speaks given message in VC
s!email - Sends an email
s!flirt - Flirts with the mentioned user (bad pick up lines)
s!avatar - Gets your or another user's avatar
s!help - Sends a help menu with commands and thier uses
s!math - Calculator
s!kanyequote - Sends a random quote from Kanye West
s!suggest - Suggest a feauture/command for Simp Bot

There are much more commands (including music commands), I just listed some that I thought were cool. Simp Bot is under constant development and we try to add at least one new command every week! [Join our Discord server to see what we have planned!](