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  • Prefix: oi
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Oi Discord Bot

Hello there!

Oi is a Multipurpose Bot and Has 90+ Usable Command for Managing Server/Members/Emojis, Giveaway and also Music!
Prefix of Oi is `oi `.

Bot is not working, what to do?
> solution: make sure the bot has EMBED_LINKS & SEND_MESSAGE permissions in the channel/server.

Some Important Commands of Bot! You Can use "oi help [command]" for more info!

> oi allcmd [Shows a Paginated Menu with all Bot Commands with their Description and Usage!

For managing Server! - ​oi help useful [Shows the all commands in useful module]

> oi memlist [Shows all Server Members List (it is paginated so it doesn't spam in the channel.)]
> oi allbots [Shows List of all bots in the server!]
> oi members [Shows Server Member Count]
> oi whois [Shows the Detailed Data of You or the Member Mentioned!]
> oi joinpos [Shows The Position when you/mentioned member joined in the Server]
> oi messages [Shows your activity in the channel in last 7 days (oi help messages)]

Helpful Emoji Commands!

> oi emojis [Shows all the Emojis of the Server]
> oi emoji {emoji name} [Searches for a random emoji of that name]
> oi emojisearch {emojiname} [Searches for 5 Random Emoji with that name.]
> oi emojilist {emojiname} [Shows the list of all Emojis with the Name.]
More Emoji Commands Coming Soon Join Support Server for Announcement.

Helpful Moderation Commands! - oi help moderation

> oi nick member {nick} [Changes the Nickname of a Member Mentioned.]
> oi ban member [bans a member]
> oi kick member [kicks a member]
> oi lock [locks the current channel]
> oi unlock [unlocks the current channel]
> oi unban [unbans a member]
> oi purge {amt} [purges the messages of channel]

Giveaway Commands - oi help giveaway

> oi gstart [starts a giveaway]
> oi reroll channel {giveaway message id} [reroll a giveaway]

Music Commands - oi help Music

> oi spotify [shows your/member mentioned spotify detailed activity]
> Only the DJ or someone that have (manage_messages) permission can control the player
> Buttons / Dropdowns

given below all cmds must be used with prefix "oi "

> oi play (Loads your input and adds it to the queue; If there is no playing track, then it will start playing)

> oi disconnect (Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue)

> oi pause (Pauses playback)

> oi resume (Resumes playback)

> oi stop (Stops the currently playing track and removes all tracks from the queue)

> oi clear (Removes all tracks from the queue)

> oi skip (Skips to the next song)

> oi shuffle (Randomizes the current order of tracks in the queue)

> oi loop (Starts/Stops looping your currently playing track)

> oi queue (Displays the current song queue)

> oi current (Displays info about the current track in the queue)

> oi restart (Restarts the current track in the queue)

> oi seek (Skips to the specified timestamp in the currently playing track)

> oi volume [volume] (Sets the player's volume; If there is not input, it will return the current value)

> oi remove [end] (Removes all the tracks from the specified start through the specified end (if the end is not specified it will remove only one track))

> oi move (Moves the specified song to the specified position)

That's it :)

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Note: The Bot has More Cool Commands! You can access them all with "oi help" or "oi allcmd" or "oi commands" to get help on any category or command.