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Flantic Discord Bot

## **_Welcome To Flantic's DiscordBots Page_**

> `-help will show the help message or you can use mention feature
@flantic help or setup`

> `For setup of this bot you have to just scroll the bot's role to the top and you are good to go.`

> Note: `For bot's day to day updates and bugs or off times you can setup it by @flantic setup or -setup`

[Click here to join our support server](https://discord.gg/2JrxEPtszD)

> `You can join support server too for fastest help and latest news about bot's status.`
### What does the bot do?

_Flantic is a multipourpose bot with many features including(Utility, Antinuke, Moderation, Fun, Games, Translator, Giveaways, etc...)_

### Moderation Command Examples:

- Kick/Ban/Soft Ban/
- Mute/Unmute/Purge
- Prefix

### Utility Commands Examples:

- Serverinfo/Userinfo/Avatar/Info(Bot)
- Help/Invite

### Fun Commands Examples:

- Advice/Joke/Meme/8Ball
- Poll/Password

### Game Commands:

- Rock Paper Scissors
- Tic Tac Toe

And much more.