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aSoc Chat Discord Bot

Stop the influx of evolving scam links.

This bot was originally created to stop the influx of steam scam links within discord. With it being modular, it can easily grow to continue to fight the current scam links as they evolve, as well as others in the future.

The main method that this scam is using to bypass most catch-all filters is that they have many different domains and slight changes in spelling so they are not flagged. The bot will dissect the message and determine if it has found enough flags/trends to be deemed as malicious - and will delete the message if so.

We've implemented them into the two servers that we run, and so far, it has done an excellent job of stopping those malicious messages, and only those messages.

If you notice any slipping by, please contact us on discord ( so that the filter list can be amended.

If any other types of scam links appear or begin to populate within your server, as we've said, the bot can easily grow to combat said malicious messages, so send them our way as well.

The user information as well as the message can be logged into a channel designated by an administrator.

To add a log channel, issue the command .set filter-log {channel id here} (i.e. .set filter-log 772687089635688469)

To change the prefix of the bot, issue the command .set prefix {prefix here} (default prefix is period).