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  • Prefix: seti
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  • Category: Economy
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Seti Discord Bot

Become the richest player, get rare items, or mess around with the image generation commands! With lots of cool features, this bot is sure to be fun and engaging for your server. You can gamble Seti (the currency), make fake tweets, or slap your friends The choice is yours!

[] = optional
<> = required
1. balance
- Check your or another user's balance!
- Usage: `seti balance [@user]`
2. shop
- Look at the whole shop or a specific item!
- Usage: `seti shop [item]`
3. inventory
- Check your or another user's inventory!
- Usage: `seti inventory [@user]`
4. buy
- Buy an item or multiple items!
- Usage: `seti buy <item> [amount]`
5. sell
- Sell an item!
- Usage: `seti sell <item> [amount]`
6. bet
- Bet an amount of money!
- Usage: `seti bet <amount>`
7. guess
- Guess one of 3 colors for a chance to win!
- Usage: `seti guess <amount>`
8. dig
- Dig using a shovel to find cool items!
- Usage: `seti dig`
9. fish
- Fish for a cat to get items!
- Usage: `seti fish`
10. tweet
- Send a fake tweet!
- Usage: `seti tweet <text>`
11. slap
- Slap another user!
- Usage: `seti slap <@user>`
12. hug
- Hug another user!
- Usage: `seti hug <@user>`
13. floor
- Make a 'The floor is...' meme
- Usage: `seti floor <text>`
14. meme
- Get a random meme from r/memes
- Usage: `seti meme`