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MineBot Discord Bot

Want to check the player count or ping of your favorite multiplayer minecraft server?

Here's a simple discord bot to check a java server for statistics like: ping, server favicon, players online out of max player slots, version, protocol, ip-address, port, server MOTD (with color-codes formatting) and the ability to try to pull a list of players from the requested server. Most servers will not return a valid list of players, unless you use the query parameter (ex: %server ip.address query). This requires the requested server to have query enabled. Query will give the following info: a reliable playerlist, a plugins list, the server map (name). Need a command to get a server's description without all the fancy color codes? We got you. The only thing this command does is pull the server motd of the requested java server. Unlike the server command's MOTD though, this description is clear and easier for the eye to see as it does not contain color-codes formatting.

Get started by typing %server, need help? Use %help!

Currently, only java is supported as bedrock is not yet supported but support will come to bedrock soon!

This bot is a powerful and efficient tool. Made using discord.py and mcstatus, no other minecraft multiplayer server stat checker bot has as many features as us!

This bot was created on 9/8/2021, made by Savage O-Press#0001 using mcstatus and discord.py