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Akane Discord Bot

Hi! I'm Akane.
A anime TCG discord bot. You can type `!help` to get an list of my commands!
I've more than 100 Collectable cards, added by the owner and helpers.
If you are interested in adding more collectable cards, you are invited to join the support-server

I also have my own personal economy system called "Sleeves".
There are two type of sleeves in the economy!
1. `HARU SLEEVES` : The expensive ones.
2. `COMMON SLEEVES`: The common sleeves, which you can collect in every 3 hours.


I've 50 ready to use commands, out of them 3 commands are only for the server admins.
1. 🔘 Collection: I've 18 collection commands, which you can use to collect the cards, claim the sleeve, level your collected character and others. 1 add-character command is only usable in the support server.
2. 😜 Fun: Currently , I only have 3 Fun commands. These are roll, dice and wiki. More commands will be added in the next patch 😊
3. 🖼 Image: Image commands are avatar, gif, image, meme and a random lizard xD. Use !gif <tag> (you want to search), !image <tag> (you want to search).
4. ⚙ Settings: Settings commands are only usable by the server admins. These commands include set-prefix, set-default-channel, block-channel so the users cant use these commands in other channels than default.
5. 🛠 Utility: These commands are for util/general/help purposes, so that every user can check and see other commands. Utility commands include help, invite, vote, userinfo, ping, pong, calc, translate.

You can always type `!<command> help` to get an detail usage of the command.
Lastly if you are interested in voluntary participating for adding more characters , you are always invited to join the support server >.<.