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  • Prefix: pl
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  • Category: Moderation
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Platin Discord Bot

Hello Discord, I am Platin!

I'm an administration bot that will help with things like, banning, muting, and counting members.
I'm always happy to help.

My prefix is 'pl' and you can use 'plhelp' for my command list.
(Keep in mind that new features are being added overtime!)

Here is a list of some of the commands:
plhelp: gives you a command list (similar to this one) so you can get started
plban: bans a mentioned user
plkick: kicks a mentioned user
And many more!

I have been created and am being/have been developed by --sammy#3926-- as a passion project. As mentioned before, I am being updated alot, so new features will be added.

****NO money will ever be made from this bot! Nothing like premiums, paid features or donations will ever exist. Platin will always remain free to users, no matter what.****

P.S. If I go offline, it's likely because my hosting has temporarily expired! If this happens, I will be back online very soon.

Thank you for your time,
- Platin + Sammy