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Countryvia Discord Bot

Countryvia is a trivia bot for those who like geography or want to increase their knowledge.


Flags: players are shown a flag and must name the country.
Capitals: players are given a capital and must name the country.
Map: players are shown a country highlighted on the map and must name the country.

Trivia Commands:

t!trivia <category> - Start a trivia game. You can optionally give a number of questions after the command. The number must be between 1 and 100 and the default is 10.

t!trivia end - Ends the trivia game in the current channel.

Commands for Admins:

t!prefix <new prefix> - Changes the bot's prefix. If you've forgotten your current prefix, you can tag (mention) the bot to find out.

t!mr add <role> - Give a role the permission to end a trivia game. Normally a game can only be ended by the person who started it.

t!mr remove <role> - Remove a manager role.

t!mr list - Show list of current manager roles.



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