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Remindme Discord Bot

Remindme Bot

Create flexible (repeating) reminders

• Create as many Reminders as you want (no rate limit or vote bounties)
• Create intervals (shortest interval is hourly)
• Remind other users and roles (@everyone)
• Create complex repeating patterns (ics-rrules, rfc-5545)
• Set the timezone of your server
• Minimal Permissions required

This bot is inspired by the reddit remindme bot and allows similar usage.

# Some users cannot use the bot?

Make sure the user has sufficient permission to execute *Application Commands* ('slash-commands' in earlier versions).
This permission can be used to restrict access to bots, but is usually enabled for @everyone by default (see

If the permissions are all set, but certain users are still not able to use slash-commands, the discord application might be setup incorrectly. Tell the affected user(s) to open their `user settings` and navigate to the `Text & images` section.

In the lower part of said settings page, you can find an option to toggle the usage of slash-commands (see

# Commands

| Commands   | Description                                         |
| remindme <time> <message>        | reminds you after the given period
| remind <mentionable> <time> <message> | reminds another user/role
| reminder_list              | manage all your reminders (interactive DM)
| settings timezone [set/get] <string>           | set the timezone of your server

# Examples

/remindme 1y Hello future me
/remindme 2years This is a long time
/remindme 2 h drink some water
/remindme eow Buy groceries
/remindme 5 mi Whatever
/remindme 2 aug 3pm Is it hot outside?
/remindme 2021-09-02T12:25:00+02:00 iso is cool

/remind @User 1 mon What's up
/remind @Role 24 dec Merry Christmas
/remind @everyone eoy Happy new year

/remindme every friday at 20:15 do stuff
/remind @User every year at 1st july happy birthday

# Note
The correct plural of the time interval does not matter
`/remindme 1 weeks Hey` is just as valid as `/remindme 2 week Ho`

# Github