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gwendalito Discord Bot

# gwendalito

At the moment, gwendalito features include:
- Text gen
- Img gen
- Usefull commands
- Fun commands
- Game stat commands
- Low Latency Music

What we are working on ATM:
- Moderation (basic commands, auto filter, url remover, auto nick name moderation)
- Logging (customisable)
- Verification (with ip tracing to stop alt accounts)
- Auto Anti-Raid
- Economy
- Meme commands
- Web dashboard

You can find all of these with !help and if you already use ! as prefix for an another bot, you can change it with !prefix {your new prefix}
A full list of current available commands can be found here:

# gwendal

Hello, i'm 15, my name is Milo (i'm french) and i'm making gwendalito bot for fun and to discover how discord bots work...
Today, I want to continue my work on gwendalito to make it better! I hope you appreciate our bot and have fun playing with it.

# mte

Hey there, i'm a 14 year old developer focusing on python. We have created gwendalito in hopes to revive server chats and make feature some bots make users pay for 100% free.

Join our support/dev server:

bye ;(