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DAS Discord Bot

It's time to level up your Discord Server!

DAS is a free multi-purpose bot ready to boost up your Discord Server without any configuration. Also features Moderation, Music, League of Legends and much more!

About DAS
DASBot started in the summer of 2018 with the ambition to try new things and since then we have learned a lot about the needs of Discord users.

- 4,300 servers using DAS.
- 540,000 users using DAS.
- Over 55,000 commands usage every week.
- Over 3 years of experience.

League of Legends

Search stats about any summoner from LoL

At this moment, DAS is equipped with 7 commands through which you can see any details from League of Legends. Starting with information about a player to information about a champion.

Time on Voice

How much time you spent on Voice

You can see how much time you've spent being on a voice channel with your friends. In addition, you can see many other details about your Discord Account, presented in the simplest way.

Another features
- Music - You can listen to any song from YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music.
- Security - We invest many hours in the security, we are ready for anything.
- Moderation - The bot is equipped with commands for moderating a guild.
- Tracker - You can find out everything about your Steam, Fortnite and CS:GO accounts.
- Fun - Look up any word in the urban dictionary and ask the bot anything you want.
- Info - All the information you need about the server, an user from the server, anything!

More info: https://dasbot.org/