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Kanna Chan Discord Bot

Kanna Chan is a Discord Bot with some Fun Commands. It can reply to some of your messages, play games with you, make some fun Cards for you and can also show your pfp or shared pfps.

`love` Kanna sends love to the person.
`thank` Kanna thanks the person.
`pat` pat any person.
`think` Kanna thinks.
`amazed` Kanna is amazed woah..
`hug` Kanna hugs the person.
`dance` Kanna dances with the person.
`kill` Kanna kills the person.
`befriend` Kanna befriends the person.
`lick` lickie lickie..
`attack` Kanna attacks.
`say` Kanna says what you want her to say.

**Custom Cards**
`simpcard (person you simp for)` Kana makes a simpcard for you with your name and pfp on it.
`gaycard` Kana makes a gaycard for you with your name and pfp.
`uwucard (mention someone)` Kana makes a card to show your love for anothe rperson uwu.

**Avatar Commands**
`av, avatar, pfp` Shows the pfp of user or person you mention.
You can use the `av` command mentioning two people to see their shared pfp too!

Send `kanna games` to see the list of games available and how to play them.
Games available: `define`, `akinator`, `ship`, `marry`, `truth or dare`, `lottery`.

Send `kana utility` to see the utility commands available.