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  • Prefix: mc!
  • Servers: 24
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MC status Discord Bot

MC status bot 🤖 📈

Let everyone in your Discord server quickly see the status of a minecraft server,
Crate graphs, and log the status of a server!

Admin command:
* mc!help List all the commands and what they do.
* mc!log [on/off] Turn logging on or off.
* mc!setip [ip] Set the ip that will be monitored.
* mc!setup Create the two channels that will display the server status.
* mc!rmchann Removes the monitoring channels
Normal commands:
* mc!ping [ip] Ping a specified ip. You can use the command with no arguments to ping the ip specified by using the mc!setip command.
* mc!chart uptime Create a chart of players online over time on the server.
* mc!chart playersonline Create a chart of server uptime and calculate the uptime percentage.
* mc!chart mostactive Create a bar chart with the number of minutes each player spent on th server.
* mc!news Get the latest articles from

ℹī¸ Notes

* Read the privacy policy here ( .
* Logging is turned off by default! Turn it on by using the mc!log on command.
* The bot logs the status of the server every 5 minutes and it keeps 24 hours of logs.
* When the bot leaves a server all logs and info connected to that servers guild id will be deleted.
* This bot is still very new so there are bound to be some bugs. Please report any that you encounter as a issue on github (