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  • Prefix: ! OR @Vade
  • Servers: 750
  • Category: Moderation
  • Accepts Donations?: Yes
  • Last Bumped: 3 months ago

Vade Discord Bot

Welcome to Vade, hope you enjoy!

Bot Features

General Moderation - Moderate your server with ease with Commands such as kick, ban etc.

Administration - Advanced Logging, expands upon the normal Discord Audit Logs, log everything down to a single nickname change.

Giveaways - Supports an Advanced Giveaway System that allows you to set required roles for each giveaway etc.

Music - Every music feature you could possibly think of, Vade has. Play songs directly from YouTube or use a soundcloud link :)

On top of all of this, it also supports 24/7 uptime. I myself am always online and fix issues the second they are brought to my attention. Unlike Bots like Dyno etc that have downtimes of up to 8 hours.

Per guild Levelling System.

Set roles for users to receive upon joining the Server.

Set up Reaction Roles.

Roblox Verification and rank binds.