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Execution Discord Bot

Looking for a great bot that can do many things? Well execution bot is the one for you!

We offer:

**Moderation Commands**
・Ban, kick, mute
・Warn, unban, unmute
・And many more to choose!

**Configuration System**
・execution gives a invite logger
・a amazing chatbot if u wanna talk and have fun with the bot
・Anti link system to protect your server in Any dangerous links or invite
・Ticket setup for ur server

**Giveaway System**
・Start a giveaway
・Reroll the giveaway
・End the giveaway

**Level system**
・make your members earn XP while they talk in the server
・Rank to check what rank are u
・Leaderboard check who's the highest of all

・listen to execution music system with many commands to choose!
・play and song you want!

**and my more to choose from**

To check the full commands visit executions website!

・[invite link](https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=816898472971862037&permissions=8&scope=bot)