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  • Prefix: / or ~ (configurable)
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  • Category: Levels
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Adonis Discord Bot

Adonis is a Discord bot with a *single purpose:* Provide you and your server with the **best leveling system** you could have. All the features are free, and always will be.

Some of my features are:
- Brings a configurable leveling system to your server
- Supports Slash Commands
- Beautifully designed rank and level progress cards, generated in Canvas.
- Configure role rewards for your server, this command is guided; That means the bot will ask you a couple of questions when calling the command and handle everything afterwards.
- A server leaderboard; All on Discord, nothing external.
- Blacklist any role or channel to prevent them from receiving XP.
- Display detailed activity information for anyone in your server. (Only starts tracking the moment the bot is added to your server)
- Disable and enable commands on the go.
- Manually rewards someone with XP, you, the admin, are in full control. Reward, substract or reset someone's score. Purge their entire history if you want/need.
- A detailed "/help" command. Get information on a specific command, a category or provided user options/arguments.
- Change your prefix whenever and as much as you want to with the "/prefix" command.
- A detailed "/settings" command for changing xp rates, permissions control, dedicated level notifications channel and much, much more.
- A "/servertop" command for comparing your servers activity to others, and of course, you can disable this command.
- A simple "/setup" command, that will do exactly what you expect it to do; set-up and configure everything for your server.