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  • Category: Music
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Enliven Discord Bot

What does this bot do?
Enliven is a free Discord bot designed for logging and playing music.

How to use it?
The default prefix for all commands is & by default. Set a custom server prefix with the setprefix command!
To find out all available commands use help.
Information about a specific command or group of commands can be found through help {command/group name}.

You can order tracks from direct link, YouTube, SoundCloud, YandexMusic and many other services.
You can control playback through emojis and using commands. You can create and order your own playlists and much more.
List of music commands - help music.

The bot collects a detailed history and can display all message changes in one place. If necessary, export the log to the image.
Changes to messages do not clog the log channel, instead the entire history is exported when the message is deleted.
To control logging use logging command WARNING: by default, messages will not be logged.

You can change the bot response language with language.
Help us improve localization at our GitLab: https://gitlab.com/enlivenbot/enliven