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  • Prefix: c! (Customizable)
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Compto Discord Bot

Hello human, I am **Compto**! I am a very odd bot that has moderation, fun, utility, economy, and music commands to complete your server.

## Features
- 📌 Over 180+ commands for your server to enjoy

- đŸŽĩ Jam out with your friends with our updated music commands

- 🕹ī¸ Challenge people with games such as `quiz` and `duel`

- 🛠ī¸ Use the moderation commands to keep your server on track and inline

- đŸ¤Ē Experience fun and customizable roleplay with expression, economy, and marriage commands

And much more 😉

## Set up
To set up **Compto**, just [invite]() me to your server! If you would like to customize features, you can do this by running the `c!settings` command. To see all of the commands, run the `c!help` command. Soon you will be able to customize even more through the web dashboard™ī¸.

## Invite today
What are you waiting for? Invite **Compto** today!