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  • Prefix: *
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Dark Bot Discord Bot

Dark Bot is Non Like other bots. The bot does Moderation, Fun Things Such as a economy System! Also there's commands for Moderation needs. Lastly Fun and cool commands for you all to have fun

The bot has these commands so far:

The Prefix is *

*Poll *Bal (Your Coins) *Pay (send your coins to anyone) *Crime (do crimes for Coins) *Daily (daily coins) *Heist (for coins) *Baltop (leaderboards for most amount of Coins) *Purge *Mute *Kick *Voteban *Covid *Warn *battle *avatar (shows yours) *addrole *emoji which sends a random emoji

(The bot is online 24/7 all day Everyday!)

If you would Like something added Then please dm me Pokkey#8679

Have a good day I hope you Enjoy My disocrd bot! We will be adding more Commands Soon! Also If you would Like to Share Our bot with others Then Please do!

Also Please Join our Support Server!:https://discord.gg/Uvk7vYXW5J