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  • Prefix: e.
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  • Category: Gaming
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Elliatis Discord Bot

Current commands: e.tell- Bot says something what you said.
e.rip - makes a gravestone embed with your avatar.
e.ping - Random ms ping.
e.nitro - Creates a random link.
e.cat - cat pics. e.ball - basketball game.
e.hw - how gay command.
e.build - builds a tower.
e.members - member count of a server.
e.love - how much do you love someone?
e.server - DM answer, support server.
e.dog - dog pics. e.poke - poke someone embed.
e.user - user information.
e.text - gets a text into a picture.
e.ship - ships 2 people.
e.pp - how long is ur pp?
e.id - bot and server ID.
e.duck - duck pics.
e.rs - random song with a link from Spotify or YouYube.
e.kiss - kiss command with a gif.
e.hug - hug command with a gif.
e.poll - make a poll command.
e.rps - rock paper scissors game.
e.vote - vote for the bot
e.av - user avatar.
e.help - all commands in 1 embed.

There are more commands coming soon, the bot is still in make. The bot is made by @! Saiko#6666, I search for an extra hand who will help me with making the bot. If you're interested, please join my sever (https://discord.gg/B6EQGFbeqk) or DM me.

I also own moderation bots, so if you're interested in that, join my server (https://discord.gg/B6EQGFbeqk)

And for the end, I make custom bots, all you have to do is promote my server. After you've done that, I'll make a custom bot for you.