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Tea Time Discord Bot

Order Tea in Discord! Tea Time is a roleplay bot inspired by Pizza Byte and Virtual Diner where you can order tea, drink tea, and more! Dyno

Tea Time is similar to Pizza Byte, Virtual Diner in that you can order things to be delivered but our charm comes from the fact that real humans brew your teas and join your server to deliver them, as well as our fun nature which allows meme teas, funny teas, strange teas - almost anything you can think of!

With Discord Tea, you can order some tea and our hard working Tea Sommeliers (brewers) will brew your tea in no time, and it will be delivered to you right in your server! Our Tea Cafe is the best on Discord, with a variety of styles of brewing along with speedy service. You'll enjoy us for sure! !!! No Coffee served at the Tea Café !!!

Rules for ordering with Discord Tea:

- No spammy orders (For example: "tea grsogharihgasuhgosdhgosdg")
- No teas containing inappropriate content
- No Offensive Teas (Hitler/Nazi, Sexism, and/or any other forms of Racism - Communism excluded)
- No Drugs, Medications or Poisons
- No Human or Animal Body Parts
- Orders cannot contain text formatting or non-Latin characters, except numbers and !#$%&<>?".
- Orders cannot contain links.
- Must Include Tea

DISCLAIMER: Tea Time is inspired by Pizza Byte and Virtual diner but is developed independently and does not intend to replace or copy those bots. Tea Time does not have any features of Dyno or MEE6 bots.