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  • Prefix: h!
  • Servers: 6
  • Category: Music
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 3 weeks ago

Hasbulla Discord Bot

***__Hasbulla Bot__***

This Bot so amazing for things like Music, Moderation, Economy and so much more!

Here are some Commands:
1. AFK (Sets a Persons AFK)
2. Setprefix (Customize the prefix for that Server)
3. Help (Shows all of the Commands for the Bot)
4. Covid (Able to show each country's covid cases)
5. Play (Play Music in a Voice Channel)
6. List-Filters (Lists all of the filters you can use in the bot while playing Music)
7. Pika (Sends Pikachu gifs in an embed)
8. Dog (Sends a photo of a dog and a random fact)
This is why this Bot is amazing!