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Cactus Discord Bot


Cactus is a multipurpose bot that has 100+ commands which helps you with mangaing your server and with much more! Me and Lunaa#2445 have been working on this bot for 3 months and now we have successfully made the bot to help with lots of things in your server!


The bot has some unique features such as server logging, moderation and few fun games such as snake, minesweeper, and guess the pokemon and much more features are available and we are bringing more new features to the bot in every update to make the bot best in managing!



• Voice muting and voice kicking
• Banning system
• Muting system
• Channel lock and unlock
• Nickname manging
• Add and remove role system
• Channel nuke and purge messages
• Autorole system


• Advanced giveaway system with blacklisting a server's user from giveaways for breaking giveaway rules in your server if you have giveaway rules


• Customize prefix
• Server logging system


• Meme commands
• Animal commands
• Action commands
• Image generation

And much more...
Run ;help to see the list of all commands!


• We are currently working on ticket system and custom tags system which will be released in our next update
• We will start working on music, economy and advanced logging system after the next update
• We will also be adding some new fun and game commands in our monthly updates

Make sure to keep an eye out on those upcoming updates and features 😏