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Invite Number Discord Bot

Features &; Commands
Invite Number is a powerful Discord bot which offers many features such as invite tracking, messages tracking and more For Your Server Invite Me In Your Server My Prefix Is '+' My Website Is Coming Soon So Support Me. Thedefault prefix is +</code> and <mark>@InviteNumber</mark> but can be changed per server.</strong>
Here is a brief list of commands:

General| Displays the current commands utils.

infos: Allows you to have the main bot information
stats: Used to have live bot statistics
add: This command is used to add the bot to your server
membercount: MemberCount lets you know how many people are connecting to your live server
userinfo: Allows to have information on members
support: Give the invitation link on the support server
credits: Mention all the people who helped us on the project
invites: Lets you know what your invitations are
leaderboard: Gives server invitation statistics with a ranking system

Administration| Displays the current command Administration.

addbonus: Add bonus invitations to the member
removebonus: Remove bonus invitations from members
sync-invites: Synchronize your server invitations with our bot
removeinvites: Used to delete all invitations from the member
restoreinvites: Used to restor all invitations from the member
setprefix: Use to change the bot prefix on your server
setlang: Use to change the language on your server
config: Gives the configuration of your server

Moderation| Displays the current command Moderation.

ban: Give a ban to the member with a reason
kick: Give a kick to the member with a reason
unban: Used to remove the ban from a member

Configuration| Displays the current command Configuration.

configjoin: Allows you to configure the welcome message
setjoin: Allows you to configure the welcome channel
testjoin: Used to test welcome messages
configleave: Allows you to configure the leave message
setleave: Allows you to configure the leave channel
testleave: Used to test leave messages
configdm: Allows you to configure the dm message
setdm: Use to activate or not the module
testdm: Used to test dm messages

Support Server: