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Encore Discord Bot

A fun Music bot with some fun commands! Developed By JJfriends#3686


🎵 Music

play ➛ To Play A Song

loop ➛ To Repeat Song

pause ➛ To Pause Song

resume ➛ To Resume Song

skip ➛ To Skip To Next Song

stop ➛ To Stop Song

volume ➛ To Set Volume 0-100

queue ➛ To See Queued Songs List

skip-to ➛ Skips To A Certain Position In The Queue

now-playing ➛ To Show The Current Song

👾 Fun

ping ➛ The bot will say pong

pong ➛ The bot will say ping

coinflip ➛ Gives you a heads or tails

avatar ➛ Shows the avatar of a user

rps ➛ Play a game of Rock Paper Scissors

meme ➛ Shows a funny meme from reddit (In Progress)

🔧 Moderation

ban ➛ To ban a user

kick ➛ To kick a user

mute ➛ To mute a user

⚙️ General

ping ➛ To See Bot Latency

help ➛ Show All Commands

servers ➛ Shows the amount of servers the bot is in

invite ➛ Gives you the invite for the bot

We will be adding many new features every single day! We hope to become one of the biggest bots and we hope to see you join us!