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drimbot Discord Bot

# What is **Drimbot**?

The most __advanced__ bot which shows Roblox __information__ such as user profiles from the comfort of discord!

Drimbot is constantly updated to make sure we proved the smoothest and best experience for you! With an ever growing community, new commands and features are added.

Type `ehelp` for a list of available commands!

# Features

- Lookup Roblox users and see their rap, last online date and more!
- Other various Roblox lookup commands.
- Unlock themes and have different embed colours for each command.
- Fun commands for when you're bored.

# Commands

View full list of commands on `ehelp` or visist `https://drimbot.herokuapp.com/commands`

# Need support?

Join the discord server: [Discord Server](https://discord.gg/9zhNmpa3tC)

Message me on twitter: [Twitter Account](https://twitter.com/drimpetuous)