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RaidBot Discord Bot

RaidBot is a discord bot designed to help player get information about the game Raid: Shadow Legends. Users can find info on champions base stats, skills, and guides about where in the game they can be used and how to gear them to fulfill there purpose. There is also a shard summoning mini-game that reflects in game summoning rates and events.

Below is a list of commands:

-boss ‘name’: Will give info on bosses skills by name.

-invite: Will give a invite link for the bot.

-buffs/debuffs ‘name’: Will give information about buffs of bebuffs by name.

-claim: Claim your daily chest that gives you tokens to use for summoning ancient, void, or sacred shards.

-collection: Displays your collection of champions summoned and give totals of the amount of shards summoned of each type.

-summon ‘shard type’ ‘number’: Summon a given amount of shards by type and displays the results.

-guide ‘name’: Look up a guide by champion name or game area. -guidelist: Show a list of current guides.

-help: Shows a list of commands, and can also be specific to a command ex: -help ‘command name’.

-info ‘champion name’: Shows base stats and skills for a champion.

-installraid: Shows an install link for Raid: Shadow Legends which will give you the right install for your platform.

-leaderboard: Leaderboard for guide submissions by discord username.

-lore: Currently shows the in game cut scenes and text for them.

-skills ‘champion name’: Shows only the skills for the given champion.

-stats: Shows only the base stats of the given champion.

-support: Link to the bot support server.