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Cheddar Cheese Bot

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  • Prefix: <
  • Servers: 97
  • Category: Moderation
  • Accepts Donations?: No
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Cheddar Cheese Bot Discord Bot

This bot likes to eat cheese and have fun. If you are up to having a lot of fun, consider inviting me to your server!

Cheddar Cheese Bot is a very easy to use bot for users who want to slap, marry other users or want to do a fun dare!

We have over 113 unique commands that include:

Here are some Fun Commands:
<simp <slap <ship <kill <kiss <roast <gtn <dare

Here are some Moderation Commands:
<ban <kick <warn <purge <lock <unlock <userinfo <emoji

Here are some Image Commands:
<cat <dog <monkey <goose <frog <wasted <bread <grave <dissapointed

And a bunch more for completely free!

Thanks for the support everyone. Have a cheesy day ;)