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Cheems Discord Bot

Cheems Bot
Cheems is Turkish and English supported fun, moderation and economy bot

See all commands with 'c+help'!

Below is a list with the some commands

Fun commands
bubblewrap - pop pop pop
jail - Gives jail effect
gun - Gives Gun Effect
communist - Gives communist Effect
tweet - you will tweet something
marry - marry with someone
hug - hug someone
susmeter - sussy
whowouldwin [@someone] Would Win Effect
simp - gives simp effect
askcheems [Your Question] - ask cheems something
clyde - write as clyde bot
deepfry - gives you deepfry effect

Moderation commands
ban - you will ban someone
avatar - throws your avatar
kick - you will kick someone

Economy commands
work - work for cheems coins
profile - you see how much money you have
shop - you can buy somthing on shop

Bot commands
stats - bots stats
ping - you see how fast cheems are
invite - you will get bots invite link