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V-Bot Discord Bot

Hello ! I am V-Bot, a new multi-functional bot for discord that can be useful in a lot of situations!

Prefix is "+".

Here are some of my current features :

» Moderation !

» Fun APIs !

» Slash commands support ! (unstable)

» Info commands !

» More coming soon !

Bot is still in beta. More commands coming soon. To start, please do `+help` or `+commandlist`. Lots of stuff prepared for the future ^^ Support server now available ! join here : https://discord.gg/C7b6eTjFJZ

*POV: This server is not only for support, but to hang out with other users, suggest ideas and as well !*

Make sure to leave your thoughts in the review and let us know what do you think !

(also, drop a vote or ||else|| 🤖)