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Retribution Discord Bot

__Retribution is a multi purpose discord bot.__

__About Retribution:__

*Retribution is a multi purpose discord bot made by __ishandev2004__. It has all the features you need in one bot!*

**To get all the commands of the bot type `=help`**

__List Of Commands:__


`8ball ,trump_tweet, affair, affect ,avatar, beautiful, blur, burn ,change_my_mind ,circle ,coinflip ,colorfy ,emojify ,hi ,hitler ,hug, jail ,bye ,joke-over-head ,kill ,kiss ,meme ,nameme ,rainbow ,rickroll ,rip ,say ,shit ,tictactoe ,trash ,trigger ,trivia ,urban ,wanted ,wasted`


`github, help ,mcplayer ,ping ,serverinfo ,stats, userinfo ,ytsearch`


`antijoin ban fetch-bans kick lockserver mute nuke purge slowmode tempmute unban unmute`


`addrole afk bold top-guilds calc channel-create channel-delete set-channel codeblock create-mcchannel italic lb nick quote rank removerole report spoiler steal strikethrough textart ticket user-roles yt-search`


`play-voice ,record`


`wwaifu wcuddle wfeed wpat wslap wtickle`


`canvas ,welcomechannel-check ,welcomechannel-set`

**SUGGESTION (not multi guild)**

`accept ,deny ,suggest`



`play stop`


` bal buy daily double-or-nothing drop inventory leaderboard shop work`


`invite membercount sourcebin tm translate uptime yt, vote`




`counting-lb, counting-channel-set`


`check-birthday set-birthday`


`gend current-giveaways gstart greroll rmv-cache`

*And yes i didnt forgot **nsfw**. Yes this bot also has **nsfw**!!*

PS: Counting system also there shhh!