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  • Prefix: l!
  • Servers: 12
  • Category: Moderation
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Lucho Discord Bot

110+ commands and counting across 8 different categories!

Administration: A huge amount of settings to customize with commands like setprefix, setwelcomemessage, and setverificationrole Moderation: Commands such as kick, ban, and mute to assist your moderator staff Fun & Games: Tons of fun commands like trivia, meme, emojify, and a variety of animal pic commands like cat, dog, and fox Information: Commands like userinfo and serverinfo for general utility Points: A unique points system with a rotating winner that has commands like leaderboard, givepoints, and crown Color: Change your Discord color with commands like color, createcolor and randomcolor Owner: Owner specific commands like eval and servers Miscellaneous: All other commands like feedback and bugreport Lucho also comes packed with a variety of features, such as:

Auto role assignment Server verification via reactions Welcome messages and farewell messages Logging for mod commands and various events Moderator only channels A starboard Auto kicking when a warn limit is reached Auto random colors when members join Per command disabling And much more! There are over 30+ settings to tweak!