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Galaxy Discord Bot

Galaxy is the perfect companion for all of your needs as a moderator, as well as for your server members! Brought to you from a small group of young developers, Galaxy will improve your discord experience 10 fold.

Features include:

General commands such as:

.say which allows moderators to speak through the bot, allowing messages to appear like the bot is saying them.

.serverinfo which gives info about your awesome server.

.pfp which shows your pfp in full size.

.ttt which allows you to translate what you're saying into another language! Just add the language's abbreviation you want to translate to after .ttt

and so much more!

Moderation commands such as:

Kick, ban, clear messages, and coming soon is a feature which allows you to pause chatting in entire channels or servers.

Fun commands such as:

.cat and .puppy which sends photos of the most adorable animals on planet earth.

.rank and .lb which allows servers to have a rank system based off of how much members talk.

.holmgang & .holmgang help which allows you to battle server members to the death, nordic style.

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