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The Impostor Bot Discord Bot

# The Impostor Bot

The Impostor Bot is an economy among us themed bot which allows you to customizes your skin! You can buy items from the shop and equip them to change how your skin looks, you can buy hats, outfits, pets check out the au/shop
There are plenty of economy commands for your enjoyment and as well other commands to help in queue up among us games with your server's users (use au/help to see all of the commands!)

The prefix is au/ but it can be changed using au/setprefix

## Economy Features

* au/start - creates your profile and lets you choose a skin to start with giving you 1k coins
* au/profile - views your economy profile
* au/skin - views your customized skin!
* au/shop - views all the items you can buy!
* au/equip - equips an item from your inventory to your skin!
* au/inventory - views your items (hats, pets, outfits)
* au/task - do a task to earn some coins
* au/hunt - goes for hunting giving you coins as a reward
* au/showcase - views an item from the shop so you would know how it looks

More items in the shop are getting added as well more commands don't miss them out!

### Other Features

* au/nickname - changes your nickname according to your among us code!
* au/code - sends a fancy looking embed with your code to a codes channel in the server
* au/tips - sends tips about among us impostor/crewmate
* au/meme - sends a meme from the subreddit r/AmongUsMemes
* au/kill - sends a fun gif of among us kill
* au/Impostor - sends an image of "Has been ejected" with your discord nickname

Reports about bugs can be send in our support server!