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anti-harlem Discord Bot

harlem is an open source, fully customizable Discord bot that is constantly growing. She comes packaged with a variety of commands and a multitude of settings that can be tailored to your server's specific needs. Her codebase also serves as a base framework to easily create Discord bots of all kinds. You can invite her to your Discord server using this link! Also, you can join the official harlem Support Server for all questions, suggestions, and assistance!

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110+ commands and counting across 8 different categories!

Administration: A huge amount of settings to customize with commands like setprefix, setwelcomemessage, and setverificationrole
Moderation: Commands such as kick, ban, and mute to assist your moderator staff
Fun & Games: Tons of fun commands like trivia, meme, emojify, and a variety of animal pic commands like cat, dog, and fox
Information: Commands like userinfo and serverinfo for general utility
Points: A unique points system with a rotating winner that has commands like leaderboard, givepoints, and crown
Color: Change your Discord color with commands like color, createcolor and randomcolor
Owner: Owner specific commands like eval and servers
Miscellaneous: All other commands like feedback and bugreport
Sake also comes packed with a variety of features, such as:

Auto role assignment
Server verification via reactions
Welcome messages and farewell messages
Logging for mod commands and various events
Moderator only channels
A starboard
Auto kicking when a warn limit is reached
Auto random colors when members join
Per command disabling
And much more! There are over 30+ settings to tweak!
You can add Calypso to your server with this link! Alternatively, you will able to clone this repo soon and host the bot yourself.

git clone
After cloning, run an

not out yet coming soon
to snag all of the dependencies. Of course, you need node installed. I also strongly recommend nodemon as it makes testing much easier.

Sake is in a continuous state of development. New features/updates may come at any time. Some pending ideas are:

Stream alerts
Custom tag/reaction system
Released under the GNU GPL v3 license.

Sebastian Battle - Initial work - github
Kyle Glaws - github
CommradeFido#5286 - All art and graphics
Red Discord Bot - Initial trivia - github
Threebow - Ideas and tutorials - github