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  • Prefix: !! [customizable]
  • Servers: 53
  • Category: Utility
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JamesBot Discord Bot

The default prefix for JamesBot is !! you can customise it as desired. You are also able to @mention the bot to launch command instead of using his prefix.

This is a list of commands you can use. You can get more info about a specific command by using !!help <command> or @JamesBot#5537 help <command> (e.g. !!help rank)

Arguments are listed after the command. Chevron <> indicate an optional argument, Bracket [] indicate an required argument (e.g. <reason> means the reason is optional, however [user] means the user is required)

👥 Means that the command can only be used in a guild

- 👥 !!ban [user] <reason> Ban a member from the guild.
- 👥 !!unban [user] Unban a member from the guild
- 👥 !! prefix [prefix/"default"/"none"] Set a new prefix for the bot on your server
- 👥 !!disable [group/command] Disables a command or command group on your server.
- 👥 !!enable [group/command] Enables a command or command group on your server.
- !!bang <user> Wow ... That's nice to 🔫 your friends !
- !!slap <user> Ouch that had to hurt
- !!kiss <user> Mooooh so cute !
- !!hug <user> That's not really covid friendly (⊙_⊙;)
- !!pat <user> :3
- !!bot-info Gets information about the bot.
- 👥 !!user-info [user] Gets information about a member.
- 👥 !!ranking [user] Gets your ranking on a server.
- 👥 !!experience [user] Gets your experience on a server.
- !!help <group/command> Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
- !!ping Wow ... That's a revolution this type of command (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
- !!create-request ["command"|"bug"|"other"] [details] Create a new request for JamesBot. Will apear on the support server.
- !!track-request [ID] Track an opened request for JamesBot.
- !!support Gets the support server of JamesBot

More about the bot :
Invite JamesBot to your guild band grant the necessary permissions. These permissions can change in the future while adding features to the bot. You will be notified in case of this append.

Webpanel :
The dashboard is being worked on. If you would like to get access to it, join the Discord Support server and get BETA access when this dashboard will be release.

Get additional help :
You can get more help on the official at https://jamesbot.fr/support . You can also ask for a feature that you want to add on the bot on the github page https://github.com/James-Bot-Freezlex/JamesBot-Support, just open an issue and give the more detailed info about you idea if you are familiar with this or go on the official discord server.

Please keep in mind than i'm a student and then i'm developing this bot on my free time