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StormBeatz Discord Bot

StormBeatz is an advanced, top-quality and highly customizable Discord music bot, fit for every server's needs!
It is also a Verified Discord bot, with many unique music commands and settings, which other music bots do not have.

Not only that, but StormBeatz is a very advanced Discord Music bot written in JavaScript using the Discord.JS Lib to provide the best sounding music and ease to use commands throughout Discord. StormBeatz offers a lot of customization so you can easily set up the Discord Bot and have fun and interactive use out of the bot. StormBeatz has a vast range of commands ranging from setup to music, to fun and interactive commands!

The Purpose of StormBeatz:

The purpose of StormBeatz is to deliver our bot users the best sounding music possible and with a simple and easy setup by command. We offer advanced setup with many setup things you can decorate your server with! Our main goal is to make sure you have the best possible time with this Discord bot and make squash every error that encounters your journey throughout this bot. (Literally).

Our setup command is the ;settings command which is basically the internal setup for StormBeatz. StormBeatz has a whopping 18 different configuration commands.

If you like StormBeatz, and would like to Support it, check us out here: