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Chewbotcca Discord Bot

Chewbotcca Discord Bot
Chewbotcca for Discord is back and better than ever! It is completely re-written in Java using the JDA Discord API library.

It aims to be exactly what the Legacy Discord bot was, and hopefully even better!

I hope you enjoy the bot and want to improve it :)

What is it?
Chewbotcca is my multi-purpose bot for Discord, mostly with commands that I would like to use.

The goal of Chewbotcca isn't really to be the "best", its goal is to have features that I personally want in a Discord bot, and if you agree, you're free to add the bot yourself.

What can it do?
It's mostly fun commands like %^rolling some dice, getting cats with %^cat, and more.

However, it can also be used to find information like getting RubyGem information with %^rubygem, ironic considering this is a Java bot now.

It also has powerful server info commands, for example, you can run %^sinfo bot to find all bots on the server and when they got added, being able to find role and member counts (%^sinfo roles), finding a member by join position (%^sinfo member [position]), finding boosters and boost time (%^sinfo boost), and more!

There are also commands such as %^youtube to find YouTube videos, and %^ghuser to detail your favorite developers on GitHub.

I'm always open to suggestions on what to add, please let me know what you would like to see!