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  • Prefix: lx
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  • Category: Other
  • Accepts Donations?: No
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Luffix Discord Bot

For "Other", it is mostly a moderation and util bot, but there will be music, rpg, and eco coming fairly soon.
For "Paid features or donations", not yet, as it isnt widely used enough. But eventually it will. There are some restrictions currently that you cant exceed without being a "donor", though our patreon isnt set up entirely.

Luffix is a server set-up bot, with many logging features, as well as moderation. Luffix Music is currently in Beta, and if you have any issues, you can contact the devs at the support server! Luffix eco and rpg are seperate. The rpg features a prison escape, where you work and steal things to get out of prison as fast as possible! (Access these commands with `lx rpg <command>`) Our economy is similar but not quite to Dank Memer, as we do not promote theft and murder in our bot, and you cannot die (yet).
Please consider supporting Luffix! It would be greately appreciated!
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