Good Cop

Good Cop

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  • Prefix: f! (customizable)
  • Servers: 35
  • Category: Moderation
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 1 week ago

Good Cop Discord Bot

Good Cop is an advanced moderation bot that is great for moderating large discord servers.

Good Cop has a total of 80 commands. Good Cop’s help command is PREFIXhelp or @Good Cop help.

A website for Good Cop is going to be coming out shortly, once it is done, I will send out a system message… So please set up a system message channel to receive important messages about the bot. `PREFIXssm #channel`.

Here is a list of ALL of the available commands for Good Cop…

Keep in mind, the help command for you will only show commands that you have available for your use.