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About The Game Center

This server was started back in August of 2016 by a group of gamers – an online place where thousands of different people from around the world have joined, while gaining memorable users along the way and eventually finding a permanent server icon which would be seenby awesome people everyday.
We encourage those that are looking for a group of fun and welcoming people that like to play games, to explore what we have to offer in the server – enjoy sharing memes and helping the community become and stay an enjoyable place. We have our own endorsed streamers, a plethora of bots to post statistics and keep up with the latest game updates alike.
Many users in this server love that we offer…
• Seasonal Giveaways (Steam Cards, Server Merchandise, etc.)
• Game Night & Movie Night Events
• Assigning the Roles YOU Want
• No Annoying @Everyone Tags, Unless There is a Free Game Involved
• A Direct Feed from Reddit’s r/memes subreddit&rsq