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FurHut Discord Server

Welcome to Furhut! A community centered around yiff and lewd furries! (It's 16+ for the general mature community!) What we have to offer:

🔞 Yiff channels to view and dump your heart desires, along with lewd emojis! All behind a simple age gate only for 18+

🛡️ Helpful staff ready to protect the server from rule-breakers and answer your questions!

🏅 A level system for you to check your activity levels!

👾 Loads of emojis, using these emoji slots for use!

🐻 RP and ERP channels, for you to interact with others ✨

🫂 Loads of reaction roles to express yourself with!

📝 A nice and simple verification system to keep raiders out!

💎 And boosted to level 3 with all those juicy boost perks!

If you have any questions feel free to DM the ModMail bot! Staff will answer any questions you have about our server, come visit our actively growing community! 🦊 🐺 🦝

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