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Alphas and Sluts of Elysium Discord Server

Alpha and Sluts of Elysium is a roleplay server that is designed to be immersive. Made by a role player, for a role player. It takes place in the future in a land that was built for sexual freedom and exploration. It is a land of LOVE. Love each other, Love yourself and give as much love to those around you as much as you can. Feel free to express your love to the people that you are attracted to in the sexiest way you know how.

Features of the server include:
Custom roles to show everyone who you are.
Unique world navigation system created by Selene.
New profile bot to make it easy for people to see your character, Kinks and other info.
Multiple gender and sexual orientation selections.
Entrance gate to check for quality of character and keep out unwanted trouble makers.

Become an Alpha: impose your dominance on the sluts around you. Use their body to to satisfy you sexual desires.

Become a slut: get used by Alphas. Work hard to serve and satisfy them to the best

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