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About Autumns Retreat

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╠═══ Autumns Retreat═══╣
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:heart: Our purpose is to create that server where you can express and be yourself.:heart:
What we have to offer:

│Medieval Section: Our main bot Rose is a RPG bot where you go on adventures with characters and fight enemies/bosses!
│Meet New People: socialize and interact with users all around, make friends along the way!
│Entertainment: a variety of channels to make sure you always have something to do here, even with our custom bots.
│Guilds: make your own clan, rise to the top, and compete with everyone for rewards!
│Custom Bot: our main custom bot, Rose, has many utilities such as guilds, spawn currency, and global/guild shops.
│Much More: we've given you a brief summary of the server, but there are more things than this description can tell!

We hope to provid