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ETRP™ | Head Quarters Discord Server

Eternities Roleplay is Back and ReOpened!
Come Join to experience what we have to Offer
We have:
- We do sessions every Monday, Wednesday, Friday late night, Saturday ( Every other week on Sundays )
- They are hosted mainly throughout Blaine County, if sessions are limited it will be Sandy... then every 1-2 days we host City RP
- They typically last around 3-6 hours and balanced within each department the whole time

Money System
- We do have a in-Discord money system! So just join the server to see how it works!

Civilian Department
- Tier levels 1 - 6! ( Civilian of week gets a special Tier!)
- Multiple Properties to purchase!
- A lot of interactive RP Jobs to work for!
- Have a lot of money? Buy a CEO! Buy a Yacht!

Police Department's
- Want to patrol the areas of Sandy Shores? Join BCSO!
- Want to work Downtown? Join LSPD!

- Once passed the 2nd rank in your Department you can apply for Sub-Divisions!
- You can be SRU, Detective, Enforcement Officer, Pilot, M

Roleplay Economy Chill