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Brain Dead Lounge Discord Server

✧A certain lad banned a few members in our server for no reason. Would you like to help us return to our former glory?✧

Are you looking for a gaming/community server? A place to be welcomed into? Or maybe you just want a place to talk?
If you answered with yes, then you might have found the possibly perfect server for you!

✧Here we have Game Nights and Movie Nights on the weekends (not at all weekends btw)✧

✧Here you can also expect✧:

『✠』A dictator
『✠』A channel for self advertising
『✠』All the bots that you could need,
『✠』Not a lot of rules
『✠』Much more!

✧ All that sound good?✧
✧If yes , then what are you waiting for join us already✧

also we really need mods so if you wish to apply just dm: Silver Crusader#2350

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