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Allirel Discord Server

Hello, adventurer! Allirel is a SFW Fate core high/dark fantasy roleplay. It is focused on character development and world building. We're a friendly and welcoming community, and we'd love to have you, beginner or pro.

Here is a list of some things we have:

┃ World events that can impact the world.

┃ Faction wars (set up by GM) where a faction/ adventuring group war against each other for their goal.

┃ looking for lore makers, and GMs to help with lore/world building and hosting individual games within the world(server).

┃ Balanced system using FAE

┃ striving for a Friendly, active community that can help new players.

┃ Many different races and classes choose and play as.

Join now and take part in this growing community!

Fantasy Roleplay Fun Gaming