Coven of Solitude (18+)

Coven of Solitude (18+)

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Coven of Solitude (18+) Discord Server

The Coven of Solitude is a small, slow-paced social community server/sanctuary away from all the silly children on Discord. We are parent-friendly, have a category of self-roles, many topic-specific channels, currency rewards, and a clan system...

Are you fed up with searching through Disboard for decent safe-for-work adult-only social servers in the sea of stagnant, unorganized joints ran by kids and lazy owners? Hate having to show strangers parts of your ID and forced to do introductions? Look no more! This is a social community server made by adults, for adults that just want to chill, chat, make friends, and share interests and hobbies WITHOUT the hassle of having to go through an extraneous verification process...